About Me

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Hi readers, I'm Chaitanya Haritash .... an Infosec Enthusiast and Red Teamer proudly from India.

I chose this stream cos cyber threats are increasing recursively which should be controlled, and i realized it during my 5 years of experience.

Currently i'm working with SSA (Suspicious Shell Activity) and love to call myself as an "Active Contributor" to the community.

I like to code in Python,Bash,Nodejs, and various other programming languages, and also i do like to learn further new things. 

My dream is to see a secured virtual world as well as real world too :) <3 "Peace"

Contribution :

  • Venom - Shellcode/Backdoor Generator
  • Metasploit
  • rest you can check on my github

My Skills :

  • Post Exploitation (Windows)
  • Malware Analysis
  • Exploit Writing
  • Bug Hunting

Things i like to do in my free time :

I love Reading books, they makes thinking more broader and makes one think out of the box.
likes listening and singing raps :P it helps me think more on my projects. And i'm die-hard fan of Anime.

Contact :
 Twitterfor any further query =>  chaitanya@ssa-team.com


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