Sunday, 25 September 2016

Nmapii - Its All About Saving The Time

Hey !! Past few days of mine were been pretty lazy, only some raps and coffee kept me alive during nights while working on my projects (some choices i have other than security B| )  :}

Anyways :P apart from being lazy i was working on a tool called 'Nmapii' for making nmap automated its not like normal nmap scanner like scanning for OS and ports, but i've engaged some custom nse scripts to do some scans on other services and exploits (also i've used some default ones too).

yeap it saves time cuz all you need is to select the scan type you want to begin with.

So nmapii is coded in python. as its best for instant code generation also quite fast at prompting results :| (sorry for being noobish)

[Nmapii - Main]

[Nmapii - Help]

[Nmapii - About]

Yea that was a shamless part :P but everyone do it :P anyways lets move on

[Nmapii - Scans user can perform]

[Nmapii - In Action]

[Some Other Details ]

Custom NSE engaged :


Vuln Discover:
Module Author:

(ii) MS15-034 :

Reference :
MS Security Bulletin :
Module Author :


You can easily get all logs about your scans in /home/.nmappi-logs
All scans are particularly categorised in individual dir


1. git clone

2. cd ../path/nmapii/utils

3. sudo bash

4. sudo python

[Video Demo]

Feel Free to modify :) its an opensource project.

Special thanks to : r00t 3xp10it & VIRkid thx bros ;D 
Greets to : SSA [Suspicious Shell Activity] & HSH [Hell Shield Hackers]
And shit for haters :V



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